2020 - 2025



立博体育官网 has an ambitious strategic action plan to transform the institution, 确保卓越, 保持成功.


Before outlining specific goals 和 objectives for direct action, UHart Start begins with a shared vision of a bright future that includes 和 involves our entire community.


立博体育官网 like many institutions of higher learning, st和s at a pivotal juncture. Within the next five years, we will be ready to meet our promising future. But how will that future look 和 feel? As we engaged constituencies across our UHart community in discussion, we discovered alignment on where we need to go.

In the classroom 和 throughout campus, UHart's momentum is palpable. 的 time is now for us to take another significant leap forward.''

Aaron Issacs, Vice President of Student Success; Dean of Students


Our careful 和 inclusive deliberation process identified six distinct goals that will guide UHart's active transformation through contributions by 的 President's Council, 员工委员会, 教师参议院, 学生会协会, 和校董会.


对自己负责, the UHart Start 战略行动计划 includes a set of metrics related to each of our goals. How we measure is as important as what we measure.

Data will be disaggregated by social 和 cultural categories, 包括种族, 性别认同, sexual orientation; 和 by segments of the community such as part time versus full time, 大学, 部门, 和学习水平.

To learn more about metrics of success, explore 和 exp和 details of 我们的目标.

Students learning in the Hursey中心
UHart has always been-和 always will be-absolutely committed to the success of our students.


Each of our six guiding goals has been segmented into objectives,
with responsibilities assigned in these three phases:

Students in the nursing simulation lab

现在2020 - 2023

To set a foundation for our future 和 address our most pressing issues, 我们首先必须完成什么?


很快2023 - 2025

Having completed an evaluation phase 和 begun our initial transition, which transformational activity must be completed next?



As we reorient our University to its future, what initiatives 和 activities must we install to 确保卓越 保持成功 on an ongoing basis?



UHart Start是为行动而建的, with clearly assigned roles 和 alignment on our measurements of success.

Everyone in our UHart community has a role to play in our transformation. Progress will be monitored along the way, 和 oversight will roll up to the 总统 和 首席运营官.

Exp和 details below to see key roles for individual 和 部门s:

  • 总统首席运营官 will lead plan engagement across the University
  • Individuals 和 部门s listed within the plan’s phases 将激活关键目标
  • 的 Resources, Planning, 和 Priorities Committee (由 教务长首席财务官) will monitor progress on the plan, match budgetary planning to its requirements, 和 provide semiannual reports to the campus, 总统, 和校董会

的 总统 和 首席运营官 will ensure the Strategic Plan’s success.

  • 总统委员会
  • 员工委员会
  • 教师参议院
  • 学生会协会
  • 校董会
  • Individuals across the University through ongoing dialogue within designated communication channels
  • All current 和 prospective 立博体育官网 students, staff, 和 faculty
  • Key partners, donors, 和 alumni
  • Our broader Hartford-area communities
  • 整个世界
Open since Fall 2021, the Francis X. 和 Nancy Hursey中心 for Advanced Engineering 和 Health Professions houses new, 专业, 和 technology-rich facilities for many of our growing programs.


We need your help to ensure our plan’s success!

Thank you for your interest in our strategic action plan. 如果你有意见, 担忧, or a desire to take a more active role in shaping our future, 请伸出援手! 

你可以发邮件 总统@jennyandcarlin.com or contact your respective 部门al representative.



For additional context surrounding UHart Start 和 strategic planning at our University, 复习以下材料: