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With seven distinct schools and colleges, a UHart education encourages a variety of viewpoints. 正因为如此, our graduates are well-equipped to succeed in a world that requires global awareness and understanding.

We look forward to assisting you throughout the application process and welcoming you to the UHart community.




传输满足 & 问候

了解更多立博体育官网 UHart and your opportunities as a transfer student in a one-on-one session with our transfer counselor. 这个课程每周提供一次.


了解更多具体的入学要求, UHart的生活, 在一般立博网站中文版课上转学分. 


We continue to strengthen our relationship with two-year schools by exploring and establishing transfer credit agreements to ease the transition for transfer students. Below is a list of community colleges we've established credit equivalencies with and/or articulation agreements:

  • Asnuntuck社区学院
  • 首都社区学院
  • CSCUS到工程,技术,建筑 
  • 凯霍加社区学院
  • 学院院长
  • 盖特威社区学院
  • 曼彻斯特社区学院
  • 米德尔塞克斯社区学院
  • 诺格塔克谷社区学院
  • 西北CT社区学院
  • 新疆社区学院
  • 斯克内克塔迪县社区学院


在新的环境下 康涅狄格转让担保, 从康涅狄格州的社区学院获得副学士学位的申请人, GPA不低于2分.我保证被哈佛大学录取.


  • 在地区认可的大学或学院获得学分
  • 该课程是100级或更高的课程(i.e. 英语101新生作文(不是英语098准备大学写作)
  • 这名学生在这门课上得了C或更高的成绩
  • The course covered material that is similar to subject matter offered at the 立博体育官网
  • 我们已经收到了该课程所在机构的正式成绩单.
  • We will accept coursework done online as long as the student can provide an official transcript from an accredited institution; the exception is that we cannot accept online lab science coursework.

The 立博体育官网 recognizes Advanced Placement Examinations for college credit validated by a satisfactory score of 3, 4, 或5分(英语4分或5分).

Up to 27 credits in CLEP General Examinations will be accepted at the 立博体育官网 when the minimum score requirements have been met.

IB Credit is awarded at the IB higher level subject (HL) with a score of 4 or higher (5 or higher for Math).

The 立博体育官网 may consider college credit through DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support) and LINCS (Learning in Non-Credit Settings). Testing and further information regarding each program can be found by contacting the Center for 研究生 and Adult Academic Services at 860.768.4371.

根据A的建议,与服务相关的学习经历也可以获得学分.C.E. 军队教育经验评价指南. 通过A课程最多可获得15个学分.C.E.

来自美国以外的信用将需要由NACES成员评估. 如欲了解更多有关参与机构的资料,请浏览他们的网页: www.南汽.org

The 立博体育官网 only accepts credits from institutions that are regionally accredited. 这与国家或独立机构不同.

本科 matriculated students have the option to take a course if needed at another institution and transfer the credits to 立博体育官网. Students will need permission to take a course at another institution BEFORE the course is taken. The permission ensures that the credit will be transferable back to 立博体育官网 and will determine the course equivalency.

请阅读并填写表格 转帐许可证表格 并从你的大学评估员那里获得适当的批准.

提醒,The residence requirement is that the student completes at least their final 30 credits at the 立博体育官网.

如果你对程序有任何疑问, 请给Maureen Wimberger发邮件, 调迁协调员 wimberger@jennyandcarlin.com

Upon completion of the course (minimum grade of “C-“) you must request an official transcript be sent directly from the institution to the 立博体育官网.



转学生应在入学日期前一学期申请, 并应填写以下表格:

  • 入学申请

  • 申请费$35

  • Official collegiate transcripts from all previously attended institutions regardless of achievement or desired credit. (Please have your official transcript sent prior to the conclusion of the semester you are currently enrolled in.)

Applicants to all Hartt degree programs will audition and/or interview through a recorded audition. 请浏览我们的 试镜和面试页面 了解更多有关试镜要求和提交说明. 本科音乐戏剧和演员培训申请者以及研究生水平的指挥, 音乐教育, 艺术家文凭, 博士申请者需要提交初步录音. 

哈特福德艺术学院(Hartford Art School)要求学生在入学前提交作品集审查. 了解更多立博体育官网 转移入学 去了立博体育官网. 

All applicants with 48 or more college credits will be required to either submit SAT/ACT scores taken within 10 years of the application date or complete the Praxis l prior to applying. 要查找您所在地区的测试站点,请访问 www.美国教育考试服务中心.org. 如有任何问题,请与招生办公室联系.

转学生是 someone who has 24 or more credits earned of post-secondary education within two years of high school graduation. (不包括高中的AP或IB学分). 或者,一个学生 高中毕业两年或两年以上,获得任意数量的学分

Individuals entering UHart directly from high school with any number of credits taken during their high school years (AP, IB, 早期大学学分)仍然会被归类为一年级学生, 但学分将被评估以转入UHart. 

There are some programs that may consider a transfer student a first-year student for course placement. 例子:哈特福德艺术学院的基础课程和教育学院, 护理和卫生专业科学和/或教育. 

  • 在地区认可的学位授予机构完成的课程
  • Courses that are freshman (100) level or higher and are deemed compatible or equivalent to a 立博体育官网 course
  • 以C-或更高成绩完成的课程

你的成绩,包括你的GPA,不能转学. 只有你的学分可以转移.


Students will receive their transfer credit evaluation two to three weeks after their acceptance, 除了几个程序. If it has been more than three weeks since your acceptance and you have not received your transfer credit evaluation, 请致电860与招生办公室联系.768.4296.


不一定. 入学办公室将决定哪些学分将转入大学. The college evaluator for your school or college will determine how your credits may apply to your program.

是的, 学生必须是全日制学生, 美国公民或永久居民, 并且没有先前获得的学士学位的学生将被考虑为非需求资助. Eligibility is contingent upon the timeliness of your application for admission and the availability of funds.


  • 艺术优秀奖学金(基于艺术项目的艺术作品集审查)
  • 表演艺术奖学金(基于音乐、舞蹈的试镜/面试 & 剧院程序)
  • 体育奖学金(基于运动能力)
  • 校友资助(以学业成绩为基础)
  • Phi Theta Kappa奖学金(基于提名/学业成绩)
  • 校长奖学金(基于提名/学术成就)

Students enrolled in The Hartt School are ineligible for academic scholarships and academic grants.

All students who file the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) will be considered for additional need based funds . 我们建议通过联邦政府网站在线提交申请 FAFSA. 为了更好的考虑,请在2月10日前提交文件.在你希望获得经济援助的学年之前15天.

If you miss the deadline, you may still apply for financial aid, but some funds may be unavailable. 只要资金到位,援助申请将继续受理. 如果你还没有申请,请立即申请.


是的! 如果你已经被录取为兼职学生, you will need to contact the appropriate college evaluator to discuss your credits and register for classes. 请与 招生办公室 如果你需要大学评估员的联系方式.


是的! 如果你已经被录取为全日制学生, you should submit your enrollment deposit as soon as possible to reserve your place in the incoming class. 这笔钱还可以保证你的住房和经济援助. 在你能够注册课程之前,你需要提交注册押金.


是的! 作为非入学学生,学生最多可以修15个学分. 请与注册办公室联系,在以下网址注册课程 860.768.4999.

如果你曾就读于任何专上院校, 即使你退缩了, 你需要提交一份正式的成绩单. You are considered a transfer student unless deemed otherwise through a review of the transcript. 未能提交或披露事先出席可能导致您的申请被撤回.

今天就开始你的犹他大学之旅. 迈出下一步.