Where Business Leaders are Born

Barney's academic programs mirror the changing landscape of today's fast-paced, evolving business world. A Barney degree isn't standard—it's designed with the needs and interests of our students in mind. We offer nine undergraduate majors, four master's degrees, five graduate dual degrees, and several graduate certificates. No matter where your interests lie, our programs have a career ready focus and prepare you for the next step.


Learning Goals

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration students will:

  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to effectively manage a career.
  • Be able to apply critical thinking techniques to address a business problem.
  • Be able to collaborate with others to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Prepare clear, well-written documents.
  • Speak effectively on a business topic.
  • Be able to identify and respond to ethical, social, and global challenges as they relate to the business environment.

Master of Business Administration students will:

  • Prepare clear, well-written documents with an effective structure and appropriate content.
  • Perform a cross-functional analysis and generate an integrated solution.
  • Correctly apply leadership theories.
  • Effectively analyze a business problem considering the global economic environment.
  • Effectively analyze a diversity problem in a business setting.
  • Effectively apply frameworks involving ethical issues to arrive at a decision.

Master of Healthcare Administration students will:

  • Identify trends and issues in the healthcare environment including issues related to health disparities and underserved populations.
  • Use business principles and techniques to respond to challenges and opportunities in the healthcare environment and make operational decisions.
  • Demonstrate capacity to lead others and communicate effectively within and across healthcare organizations.
  • Be able to make strategic decisions for healthcare organizations.

Master of Science in Accounting and Taxation students will:

  • Prepare clear, well-written documents.
  • Speak effectively on an accounting or taxation topic.
  • Be able to collaborate with others to solve accounting or taxation issues.
  • Have the capacity to identify and diagnose accounting or taxation issues using various national and international accounting or tax standards.
  • Explore the impact of changing business conditions on accounting or tax practice.
  • Be able to recognize and evaluate alternative courses of action to address ethical dilemmas.

Master of Science in Business Analytics students will:

  • Be effective communicators with others, both written and when using information technology.
  • Be able to analyze managerial problems and develop creative solutions in a global context.
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues and the ability to reflect on his/her responsibilities in the business world.